We are… and here we pause to contemplate. We are a group of tour guides, who can organize interesting tours to historical places of Lviv Region, Western Ukraine and the City of Lvivitself, that’s for sure. But there are many such groups, who can offer, organize and provide this all in good quality.

But we are different in some aspect. We do more than organization of an interesting tour of Western Ukraine. We give you unforgettable impressions and pleasant memories; we provide happiness for unlimited usage for free.

For every journey has to leave only best impressions for you, things to keep in your memory as the most valuable jewels in the casket. Jewels, so nice to take out to look at from time to time. Jewels that will give you some light for a dull day and bringcolours into routine of everyday life.

So if you really care to have a good vacation, we are the right company to choose. We will do our best to make the journey interesting and informative, and to provide bright and vivid memories for a long time.
Because all we do, we do not only professionally; we do it with pleasure, even with love.

Our professional team doesn’t pause and keeps moving forward. We always look for new places, develop new concepts, and implement new ideas for enriching our touring programme. For we know: people, who have come to us, have to be satisfied with their vacation.

We offer our clients tours of Lviv, Lviv Region and Western Ukraine for now. But for the future we plan to broaden our geography to the whole country. For we have a lot of things to show. There are amazing places, necessary to visit for everyone, who’s interested in the history of Ukraine, who’s open for the beautiful in art, architecture, in nature, even in peculiarities of local cuisine. For everyone, who loves travel.
Among our plans for the future is the development of green tourism, which is popular in many countries. For there is nothing better, than to escape for a weekend from noisy megalopolises and Ferro-concrete jungle closer to nature.

Pay attention!

If you plan to use our services, order the tours, especially long journeys, beforehand. Our guides will design thematic tours specially for you if you wish. We are present in the office only for the agreed meetings with clients, so if you plan to visit us, we will be grateful if you let us know through an e-mail or a telephone call.