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Повітряні кулі над Кам'янцем-Подільським

A flight on a hot air balloon must have been a childhood dream of every one of us. Now, this dream can easily come true, if you visit Kamianets-Podilskyi in autumn (in September) or in spring (in the second half of May). Here, for the twelfth time, the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival will be held; it has a very symbolic name – “Towards the Sun” – and includes also the Ukrainian Aeronautics Championship.

Як підготуватися до походу

«Let’s go hiking in the mountains for a couple of days!» – how often do you make such an attractive offer and hear “no”? Those who love comfort start to imagine blisters, tiredness, night chill and insects. All these inconveniences can be avoided though, if you prepare well. We will tell you how to do it.

Hoverla - Queen of the Ukrainian Carpathians

The Mount Hoverla is not just the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians, but the most popular as well. Its captivating picturesque landscapes are worth the effort of the ascent. Hoverla is a part of the Chornohora Mountain Conglomerate, situated on the border between the Ivano-Frankivsk and the Transcarpathian Regions. 

Tour of the Lake Synevyr

The tour to the Lake Synevyr is a journey to the very heart of the Carpathians. While still on the way, you will marvel at breath-taking mountain landscapes. At the Synevyr Pass, there opens the view of the surrounding mountains.

Tour of the Zolochiv Castle

Of all the castles in Galicia, the Zolochiv Castle is the most romantic. The fortress on this site is known since ancient times, but gained its modern look in 1634, when the noble Jakub Sobieski was its owner. Life began to blossom here though in times of his daughter-in-law.

Lviv in One Day - tour in Lviv

Lviv has numerous historic, cultural and entertainment sites worth visiting. A week is not enough time to see all that’s interesting. If you’re in a hurry, however, and have only one day for a tour, here are some tips on what to see first of all.

How to celebrate Christmas in Transcarpathia

From times immemorial, people in Transcarpathia consider Christmas as one of the most important holidays. So, they prepare to it very carefully. Of course, there are a lot of traditions common to all of the Ukraine, but still Transcarpathia has some peculiarities of its own. We will tell about them.

Mystical Gorgany

Do you know where in the Carpathians there are the clearest rivers, the most beautiful forests and the freshest air? In the Gorgany! The Gorgany Natural Resort encompasses 5000 hectares of virgin natural treasures, untouched by human hands.

New Year 2019 in the Carpathians

From our childhood, we associate New Year with fairy-tales and miracles. It is the time of fluffy snowflakes and dreams coming true. Make yourself a gift of unforgettable impressions – meet the New Year’s coming in the magical snow-covered Carpathians! Feel Ukraine tour agency has some special New Year tours.

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