The Mount Hoverla is not just the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians, but the most popular as well. Its captivating picturesque landscapes are worth the effort of the ascent. Hoverla is a part of the Chornohora Mountain Conglomerate, situated on the border between the Ivano-Frankivsk and the Transcarpathian Regions. There are five more peaks higher than 2000 m above the sea level near Hoverla: Chornohora and Rebra, Petros and Hutyn Tomnatek, and finally Brebeneskul.

Etymologically the name Hoverla derives from the Hungarian Hóvár – the Snowy Mountain. This name is reasonable, as the peak is indeed covered with snow almost year-round. It should be noted that the peak itself is a comfortable location for tourists to have some rest after the ascent: its flat area lets you take your time and enjoy a 360° view! If you are lucky, and the peaks are not covered in mist, you can see the whole Chornohora range from here.

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Hoverla is called “the roof of the Carpathians” for a reason; indeed, from this height you can see almost all of the Carpathians: the steep Marmarosy Range, the virgin beauty of Gorgans to the North, the eastern branches of Pokuttia inhabited by the Hutzul, Petros to the West, the curved spine of the Chornohora to the South. If the weather is sunny, you can even spot the Romanian Carpathians and Ivano-Frankivsk. 

The mount has a regular conic shape. On its slopes, you can see the workings of the Pleistocene Glaciation and rocky deposits. The mount is covered with Alpine meadows and bush thickets; at its base, there’s the huge and powerful Prut Waterfall.

You won’t find any cable-ways that can get you to the peak, you have to get there on your own feet. Even so, there are the brave ones who ascend it to ski. Some slopes are hard to ascend even is summer, and in winter they are simply dangerous for your life and wellbeing. Still, there are other, much easier ways of ascend, which takes around 2 hours in a warm season.

To ascend Hoverla in winter, you need to be trained in mountaineering. The ascent will take more than 3-4 hours and has a mountaineering category of 1A. 

There are a couple of routes of ascent to the mountaintop, which differ greatly in difficulty. The length of the routes is more or less similar – 10-16 km, the height of the ascent – 1150-1350 m. There are short but difficult routes, and longer but less steep ones. To enjoy the beauty of the panorama in its fullest, we recommend you to take one way to ascend and a different way to descend. 

You have a possibility to start the ascent from a couple of different locations: e.g., from Zarosliak side or from the Kozmeshchyk Tract. You may also get to Hoverla from the Chornohora Range – either from Petros or from the Pozhyzhevska Mount.