New Year 2019 in the Carpathians - tours from Lviv

From our childhood, we associate New Year with fairy-tales and miracles. It is the time of fluffy snowflakes and dreams coming true. Make yourself a gift of unforgettable impressions – meet the New Year’s coming in the magical snow-covered Carpathians! Feel Ukraine tour agency has some special New Year tours prepared for you, that will be attractive both for lovers of active tourism and for those who look for more comfort, and of course for those eager to know more about Hutzul traditions. Read the descriptions, choose the tour you like the most and hurry to book it!

Version 1: 6 days, unique museums, wine degustation, thermal springs and a merry celebration 

We start from Lviv to the Pylypets village, where we will see the mystic Shypit waterfall, ascend the Mount Hymba by a cableway and, a bit later, will have a tasting of wines made in the Carpathian volcanic range. On the second day we go to Uzhhorod to have a tour of the city and to see its famous castle. After lunch we relax in thermal mineral pools in Beregovo. In the evening, with our energy refuelled, we go to Mukachevo to meet New Year in the “Anastasia” restaurant. A great party – a lot of fun, dances to the mix of folk and popular music, funny competitions – this New Year’s night will be unforgettable!

On the morning after, we will have a “happy” brunch, that consists of special Hutzul dishes, that are enchanted to bring you good fortune and happiness. On this day you will see Mukachevo and its castle, and then relax in thermal mineral pools in Kosyno. The fourth and the fifth days will be full of tours to different places: Iza, Veliatyno, Krainykovo, Dilove, Verkhovyna, Kryvorivnia, Velykyi Yaseniv.

On the last day of the tour we are going to enjoy nature’s treasures: we go to Bukovel and Yaremche, where panoramas of amazing beauty wait for us – the view of Gorgany and Chornohory, and the Probiy waterfall.

Version 2: 3 days, Hutzul-style New Year

On December, 31st we leave Lviv for Kolomyya. There, we will visit the Museum of Pysanka (traditional Ukrainian painted Easter egg) and the Museum of Hutzul Culture. Then we go to Verkhovyna where we will stay in the tourist complex “Gogodzy”. There, we will meet New Year in Hutzul style: with fiery dances and folk songs, a New Year program and a karaoke show, and in the end – the ceremony of becoming a Hutzul!

The next day, you will have a late breakfast and a tour of Verkhovyna museums: the Museum of Musical Instruments of Roman Kumlyk, the “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” Movie Museum, the “Khata-Grazhda” (traditional Hutzul house) Museum and a church in Kryvorivnia. We finish this intensive tour in Verkhovyna with tastings of the local beer.

On the last day, we will enjoy fresh Carpathian air and fabulous landscapes in Bukovel and Yaremche. In the evening, tired but happy, we come back to Lviv.

We offer you three other three-day tours to the Carpathians or Transcarpathia. Read the descriptions and choose places you would like to see the most.

Details:Tour Hutsul new year 2019

Version 3: 3 days in Transcarpathia
lodging in a Hungarian household, museums, castles and mountains

We leave for Pylypets, where the Shypit waterfall and the ascent on the Mount Hymba by a cableway are waiting for us. Then we go to Iza, where we will see (and buy, if interested) some uniquely beautiful handmade wickerwork. In the evening, we come to an authentic village next to the Hungarian border on the Tysa River – Chetfalva. There, we will spend two nights in private households. The village is famous for its Protestant church-fortress of the 14th century with a belfry from the 18th century.

The next day, on December, 31st we go to Uzhhorod, where, besides the museums and the castle, we will see a legendary pub “Detsa u Notaria”. After the tour and the lunch, we go to get warm in thermal mineral pools of Beregovo. 
Then we go back to Chetfalva, where we will meet New Year with Transcarpathian cuisine, dances and traditions. After the party, every one of you will know how to dance the Czárdás!       

The morning after, we will have a good sleep and wake up late for the “happy” breakfast, dishes for which are specially cooked, according to the old traditions. Everyone, who tries them, will be happy and healthy throughout all of the next year! The last day of the tour will be spent on sightseeing: the Palanok Castle, the Green City Hall, the Schönborn Palace.

Version 4: 3 days in Transcarpathia
palaces, wine degustation, traditional cuisine and natural riches

This tour is similar to the previous one, but we will visit locations in another sequence. On December, 31st we will visit the Schönborn Palace and the Palanok Castle and bathe in thermal pools in Beregovo. The New year celebration will take place in the local National House with the menu of Hugarian cuisine, dances and performances that will reflect authentic Transcarpathian traditions.

On the next day, after the “happy” breakfast, we visit the Uzhhorod Castle, the unique Skansen in the city and have a dinner in the legendary pub “Detsa u Notaria”. In the evening we will have a wine tasting in Berehovo. Our lodging will be in the local village household.

On the third day, we will visit Iza (a deer farm), Kelechyn (mineral springs) and Pylypets (Hymba Mount and Shypit waterfall). 

Winter in the Carpathians is especially magnificent. What can be better than to wake up in the morning and go out on the porch of a wooden house with a cup of fragrant coffee. Bright white snow cracks under your feet, you breathe in frosty mountain air and enjoy an amazingly beautiful landscape of the mountain peaks covered with snow…