Rest in the Transcarpathian at Autumn

The summer passed like one bright day, and some people already start to sulk imagining bleak autumn landscapes. But do you know that in Ukraine there’s a place where the autumn in never grim? It’s Transcarpathia! And here are seven reasons why:

#1 AIR
No summer stuffiness, scorching sun or unpredictable heavy rains with thunderstorms. Now there’s a possibility to enjoy the walk in full and breathe some fresh mountain air. Such walks are very good for your body: the amount of oxygen stored in your muscles and tissues increases, your breathing system gets stronger, your metabolism improves.

In autumn, there are much fewer tourists in Transcarpathia; hotel prices go down as well, by the way. You will have a true opportunity to get some rest from the pandemonium of civilization, to be alone with yourself and nature.

It’s much easier to concentrate on the story told by a tour guide, when it’s +20 °C outside, so get deeper into the rich history of Transcarpathia. When it’s +30, you think more about where to buy a bottle of water or if there is a pool or a river nearby. If you love history, we in Feel Ukraine touring agency invite you on the 10 Peculiarities of Transcarpathia tour. Different people inhabited this land for many millennia: Celts, Slavs, Austrians, Hungarians, Slovaks and Checks, and, of course, Ukrainians. Remnants of ancient habitats, castles and palaces, wooden churches tell us today about their lives in this land.  

Forget about autumn hunger for vitamins and going to the pharmacy to get expensive vitamin pills. Just take a walk on the Carpathian slopes and gather berries: bramble-berry, raspberry, lingonberry, wild rose berries and cranberries. And, of course, mushrooms: porcini, chanterelles, red pine mushrooms and many others. All these riches can be later dried, frozen, salted or kept in sugar, to preserve their healthful properties and taste for longer. This way you will have some natural treats for winter.

Transcarpathia is well-known for its peculiar cuisine that differs from the pan-Ukrainian one. Banosh, huslianka, shupenia, vurda – these strange names stand for some very tasty and healthy Carpathian dishes. In autumn, you just have to visit the Brynza Cheese Festival in Rakhiv. November is considered a month of young wine in Transcarpathia. This is the time for festivals dedicated to this ancient drink – in Berehovo, Mukachevo and Uzhhorod. We invite those who like to please their taste buds on tours of Feel Ukraine touring agency: “Brynza Tour to Rakhiv”, Wine & Cheese Tour of Transcarpathia, “Transcarpathian Pleasures”.

Who said that bathing season in Transcarpathia ends on the 31st of August? Thermal pools in Berehovo and Kosyno are the perfect place to relax and have wonderful autumn holidays. You can also get warm in the springs from deep under the Carpathian Mountains in Khust, Vynohradovo and Uzhhorod. If you like spa with contrasting temperatures, visit Uzhhorod, Lumshory, Uzhok. There, you can get warm in a cauldron of hot water, and then bathe in a cold mountain river. This is not just an extreme adventure, but a very healthy one. We invite you on our tours that include bathing in thermal springs: Thermal Transcarpathia and “Transcarpathian Pleasures”.

Autumn holidays at school are a perfect opportunity to visit Transcarpathia. Children will forget their computers and smartphones here, for there’s so much to do: bicycle rides, horse rides, fishing for trout, bathing in pools… And parents will have an opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere too: a wooden house with a fireplace, romantic forest landscapes in the window, and hundreds of colours of autumn foliage…