Tour of the Pidhirtsi Castle

The Pidhisrtsi Catle is the most mystical and the most beautiful in Ukraine. It captures imagination with its unusual blend of a mighty fortress and a frivolous palace with French charm.

For a short time, the palace belonged to the king Jan III Sobieski. His private things were kept here for a long time afterwards as relics. The most important in the history of the castle though was the family of Rzewuski. They bought Pidhirtsi in 1720.

Waclaw Rzewuski gave the castle its modern look and made it a place of leisure of the local aristocracy. He had great collections of old paintings and ancient armour here, exhibited in the thematic halls. The castle had its own orchestra, a printing workshop and a theatre; Rzewuski himself wrote scripts for it. He also designed the church – the family burial chapel; a 300 m linden alley leads to it from the castle.

Tour of the Pidhirtsi Castle - Rzewuski the family burial chapel

It all demanded enormous sums of money. That’s why Waclaw’s son Seweryn was forced to buy the father’s mansion again at the auction. Maybe that’s the reason, why Seweryn was obsessed with ways of getting quick wealth throughout all his life. It was he who established an alchemical laboratory in the castle’s basements. There are still rumours about his innumerable treasures hidden somewhere in the castle. They say, once a year, at night the owner opens the secret door and invites everyone into his treasury.

The most famous legend, however, is that of the White Lady. They say, one of the castle’s owners, likely Seweryn, buried his wife in the wall alive. Her soul still walks among these walls. A couple of years ago, the White Lady of Pidhirtsi became the most famous ghost in Ukraine, when the Ukrainian show “Battle of the extrasensory” visited her. Maybe you will meet her too.

Tour of the Pidhirtsi Castle

The palace started to decay since Seweryn’s times. Between the two World Wars, Princes Sanguszko renovated the palace and opened a museum there. In Soviet times, it was used as a sanatorium for patients with tuberculosis. From 1997, the castle was handed over to the Lviv Art Gallery, and is being restored. 85% of the valuables from the castle are kept safe in the funds of the Gallery, so in a couple of years we will have an opportunity to see it in its full glory.

Tour of the Pidhirtsi Castle 

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