Tour of the Lake Synevyr

The tour to the Lake Synevyr is a journey to the very heart of the Carpathians. While still on the way, you will marvel at breath-taking mountain landscapes. At the Synevyr Pass, there opens the view of the surrounding mountains: the Borzhava Range, the Ovcharsky Verkh Range, the Mounts Strymba and Kamianka; and beneath the mighty mountaintops, the blue ribbon of the River Tereblia winds its way through the valley.

Tour of the Lake Synevyr

Going down from the pass you will descend into the mountain valley that will lead you to the “Eye of the Sea”, hidden between the mountains. You’ll have an opportunity to walk the last part of the way, enjoying the unique flora and fauna of the National Nature Park. A picturesque path among the ancient firs will take you to the sky-blue waters of the highest-situated mountain lake in our country.

The Lake Synevyr is situated at the altitude of 989 m above the sea level; and despite its comparably small size, it’s really deep – up to 24 m. There’s an islet in the middle of the lake – like a pupil – that makes it look like the eye. Pure waters of the lake are home for the trout – a local delicacy, which you will have a possibility to enjoy in the restaurant.

the Lake Synevyr in autumn

There are a couple of legends about the emergence of the lake. The most popular one tells about an earl’s daughter and a shepherd. The earl ruled these lands once upon a time, and he had a beautiful daughter Syn. Once, during a walk she met a shepherd, whose name was Vyr. They fell in love and started to meet secretly in the mountains. But the earl found out, and was furious. He ordered his servants to kill Vyr, and they threw a huge rock on him. When Syn saw that her beloved was murdered, she hugged the stone that killed him and cried. She cried and cried, until the tears became a lake and swallowed her. And the lake was blue as her eyes, and in the middle of it stood an islet – the rock, under which Vyr was buried. Wooden sculptures of Syn and Vyr adorn the islet now. 

The romantic legend, the beauty of the surrounding Carpathians, the purity of blue waters – it all adds up to become an unforgettable impression that you will carry with you long after the journey ends.

Synevyr Pass

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