Rules of Service Ordering

1. Order Placement
1.1. If you want to book a tour, you have to send us an application, book a spot on the tour (confirmation), and pay as specified.
1.2. If there are no spots available on the specified tour, there is a reserve time period between application and booking, so we place you on the waiting list.

2. Request
2.1. To find out, if there are spots available on a tour, you have to make a request:
a. Via the website (you may send an application from the page with the list of tours or the page of the chosen tour);
b. Via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (please specify the name of the tour, the date and your last name in the topic of the message);
c. Via Viber +38 (067) 8-111-222;
d. Via Facebook or Facebook Messenger on our official Facebook page
e. By calling our manager +38 (067) 273 33 81
2.2. The data to be specified in the request:
a. For individual tourists: first and last name, number of spots required, name of the tour and its starting date;
b. For groups: approximate date of the trip, number of participants, desired route.
2.3. In written form, you have to make a separate request for every tour.
2.4. You will get the reply from us on the availability of spots on the tour and on the booking confirmation during one work day (not on Saturdays, Sundays and official holidays).
2.5. How to find out if there are spots available on a tour? There are two ways:
a. Look at the dates of the tours on the website, that are written in bold, or the days when walking tours take place. All our hikes except for the hike to the top of Hoverla are organized on individual request.
b. Call our manager: get a consultation via Viber, email, or phone (all contacts can be found on the Contacts page).

3. Waiting list
3.1. If there are no spots available on the specified tour, we will offer to place you on our waiting list (in case some spots are vacated).
3.2. If some spots are vacated, persons on the waiting list are notified according to the queue of the formation of the list.

4. Booking
4.1. If there are spots available on the tour, you get the booking confirmed and are preliminarily included on the list of the tour group.
4.2. After booking confirmation our manager or the assistant of the manager will ask you to give additional information:
a. First and last names, and dates of birth of all the participants;
b. Contact phone number of anyone of the participants;
c. Other information that depends on tour specifics (e. g. if you wish to order lunch, your food preferences, your lodging preferences, etc.).

5. Payment
5.1. You have to pay for the order during three work days from confirmation (if you have ordered a tour less than three days before it starts, payment time is agreed upon individually).
5.2. Payment can be made either in cash in the office or via bank account (account number is sent on request).
5.3. The documents that confirm payment (to be kept till the end of the tour):
a. If you have paid in our office – payment receipt;
b. If you have paid via bank account – transaction receipt;
c. If you have paid via Internet, you have to write down the number of the transaction and the name of the payment system or to keep the digital transaction receipt.
5.4. If you pay via bank account, you have to notify our manager about it during four hours after the transaction (via email); the message has to include the date and the name of the tour, your name, time of the transaction and the sum.

6. Discounts
6.1. Children up to the age of six can go on tour for free, if accompanied by two adults and without a separate seat in transport and separate lodging.
6.2. Children up to the age of twelve and people with group I and II disabilities (certificate required) get a discount of 40 UAH a day from the overall price of the tour.
6.3. Participants of the Antiterrorist Operation in the East of Ukraine get a 50 % discount from the overall price of the tour.
6.4. Discounts are not summed.

7. Cancellation of the order by the tourist
7.1. The order may be cancelled by a tourist or a tour agency either for a part or for all of the participants.
7.2. You have to inform the manager about the cancellation in advance (via email or by the phone).
7.3. Payment return depends on the time of receiving the cancellation request:
a. If not later than seven days before the start of the tour, 85 % of the payment is returned;
b. Six to four days before the start – 50 % percent of the payment is returned;
c. Three to two days before the start – 20 % percent of the payment is returned;
d. Less than one day before the start or in case of absence in the specified starting location in time the payment is not returned.
7.4. If the customer finds a replacement for the spots that were cancelled, the payment is returned in full.

8. Cancellation of the order by the tour agency
8.1. The agency may cancel the tour due to circumstances, usually in case of the serious worsening of the weather conditions (for hikes) or too few tourists registered for a group tour (usually happens for not very popular tours during unpopular season – end of winter, first half of spring).
8.2. The agency notifies about the cancellation in advance:
a. For two-day and longer tours – 10 days in advance;
b. For one-day tours – 7 days in advance.
8.3. If the tour is cancelled, the payment is returned to the tourist in full or if they wish, may be used for payment for a different tour.

9. Info message
9.1. Info about the starting location, the contacts of the tour guide and other data is sent to all of the participants at least three days before the tour.
9.2. If you don’t use email, you may get a printed info message in our office, we will notify you about its availability by the phone.

10. Seats in the bus
10.1. Seats are given according to the list of the bookings: those who booked the tour earlier get seats closer to the front of the bus.
10.2. The tour guide informs you about your seat location during the boarding.
10.3. On the request of the customer the manager can notify them about their approximate seats in advance (if they are in the front, middle or back of the bus).