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School Tour of Lviv

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The cost – from 55 UAH.
Duration – 3 - 3.5  hours.
Start – 11:00 AM and 02:00 PM

“If you don’t know history, you have no future”. This popular aphorism reminds us of the importance of historical education. But to make the lesson memorable, one has to make the story interesting and easy for understanding, not only instructive and full of facts. This is what official educating system often lacks. So we are here to emend this. We offer you a school...

School Tours of Lviv

Many parents struggle to find some interesting and useful occupation for their children during holidays. There are many options of organizing spare time for children. We, the Feel Ukraine team, offer you our own – School Tours of Lviv for children of different ages.

Tour of Lviv for Pupils has to be an exciting adventure to keep kids’ attention and give them information about interesting places of the city, its history and legends in simple and entertaining form. Our guides offer you many interesting tours of Lviv, any of which can be adapted for children:

Mediaeval and Renaissance Lviv is a way to become acquainted with life of the city in those distant times. During the tour, pupils will find out about customs and everyday life in a mediaeval city. They will visit the Rathaus – the City Hall - on Rynok Sq., the City Arsenal, the Armenian and Catholic Cathedrals and the Gunpowder Tower.
Price – from ? per person.
Duration: 3 hours.

Lviv Bus Tour is a general tour of the city. It will let you see the majority of the interesting sights in short time. Three stops are included in the tour –visits to the Lychakiv Cemetery, the High Castle Hill and the St. George’s Cathedral. Price – from ? per person.
Duration: 3-3.5 hours.

Lychakiv Cemetery is the unique monument of memorial sculpture in Lviv, where a variety of styles of different epochs is represented. Here you may listen to the stories about the sleeping beauty, Jesus from Paris and many other legends. Many famous people of different nationalities are buried here.
Price – from ? per person.
Duration: 1.5 hours.
Opera House is a jewel of Lviv architecture, built in a record time. The painted ceiling of the auditorium and the Mirror Hall impress with their harmonious beauty and luxury. These walls heard the voice of prima donna Solomiya Krushelnytska. A famous Polish artist Henryk Siemiradzki painted the main curtain for the theatre.
Price – from ? per person.
Duration: 1 hour.  

Shevchenkivsky Hai Skansen is a museum of folk architecture, where a lot of old artefacts and buildings are gathered. There is a wooden church that still functions, and traditional wooden houses from Lemkivshchyna, Bukovyna, Podillia and other regions. Children especially love to feed animals in a small local zoo – goats, sheep and horses. Price – from ? per person.
Duration: 1.5-2 hours.  

Lviv Fortifications is a walking tour of the main and most famous defense structures of the city, both extant and ruined: the city gates, the walls, the Gunpowder Tower, the Bernardine Monastery, the Hlyniany Tower etc.
Price – from ? per person.
Duration: 3 hours.
Underground Lviv. Many children would like to play Indiana Jones, wouldn’t they? The tour of Lviv undergrounds is one of the most exciting for kids. They’ll visit basements of monasteries, two ancient pharmacies, see the archbishop’s sarcophagus and many-many more strange and exciting things.
Price – from ? per person.
Duration: 3 hours.

Tours for children may be both walking and bus tours. A walking tour is much more interesting, though. Lviv Chocolate Factory and Coffee Mining Manufacture, churches, museums – during a tour for children Lviv opens itself to a young generation in new, vivid and mysterious ways. That’s because children are more sensitive to the secret strings of the city’s soul. They always want to see and hear more of the things that are not as easily noticeable for the adults. 

Going on a tour of Lviv, children will spend their time on entertainment, but will also get more knowledge about our city. Pupils will get a chance not just to hear stories, but also to participate in the life of the city, to visit its architectural jewels, to see the panoramic view from the High Castle Hill, and to buy a souvenir to take home. We sincerely hope that your children will wish to see the City of Lviv many times more, with friends and relatives from other cities – to have an opportunity to share the knowledge they will already have about Lviv and its mysteries.
Detailed information about the tours is available on our site in Lviv Tours. You may also contact our managers to ask specific questions: 
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