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Lviv in One Day - three-hour walking tour and a three-hour bus tour

Service number – 001-003
Event info:

The cost – from 160 UAH.
Duration – 6-7 hours.
Start – 10:00.

Lviv is a city with rich culture and history. It’s impossible to see all the interesting sites of Lviv in short term. But if you don’t have much time and want to see as much as possible, here are two tour routes for you.

Tour on Lychakiv Cemetery

Service number – 001-004
Event info:

The cost – from 40 UAH.
Duration – 1,5 hours.
Start – 11:00 and 14:00

Lychakiv Cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe. All styles of sculpture of last two centuries are represented here. Most famous and most rich people of their times were buried in this cemetery. Among them are such prominent Ukrainian figures as Markiyan Shashkevych, Ivan Franko, Solomia Krushelnytska, Iryna Vilde, Volodymyr Ivasiuk, prominent Polish figures.

Mediaeval Lviv – walking tour

Service number – 001-001
Event info:

The cost – from 55 UAH.
Duration – 2/3 hours.
Start – 11:00/15:00.

Lviv is a mosaic of variety of architectural styles and traditions from different times that merge to form a unique ensemble. There still are architectural monuments from the Middle Ages: the Armenian and the Roman-Catholic Cathedrals in the centre of the city, churches of St. John the Baptist (Stary Rynok sq.) and St. Mary of the Snows (Yaroslava Osmomysla sq.), St. Paraskevi...

Shevchenkivsky Hai Tour

Service number – 001-006
Event info:

The cost – from 45 UAH.
Duration – 1,5 - 2 hours.
Start – 11:00 AM & 02:00 PM

Shevchenkivsky Hai is one of the elements that form cultural image of Lviv. It is both an ethnographic park and a museum of folk arts, crafts and architecture. Among the exponents are examples of wooden architecture from different Western-Ukrainian historical regions, such as Boykivshchyna, Hutzulshchyna, Lemkivshchyna, Podillia, Bukovina and Volhynia, built in the 18th –...

Lviv Bus Tour

Service number – 001-002
Event info:

The cost – from 100 UAH.
Duration – 3-3.5 hours.
Start – 11:00/14:00.

If you want to see most interesting places in shortest time – go on a general city tour on the bus. The route encompasses central parts of the city and will open to you most distinctive monuments of Lviv from the Middle Ages till today. The tour includes visiting churches, palaces, fortifications and many other interesting objects. This is the way to get acquainted with...

Tour to Lviv Opera House

Service number – 001-007
Event info:

The cost – from 25 UAH.
Duration – 1  hour.
Start – 11:00 AM & 05:00 PM

The first image associated with Lviv is usually the façade of the Opera House. It’s been the main symbol of the city for more than a hundred years. And this isn’t strange, for it is a jewel of Lviv’s artistic achievements of the turn of the century.

The Underground Lviv Tour

Service number – 001-005
Event info:

The cost – from 50 UAH.
Duration – 2 hours.
Start – 10:00 AM & 02:00 PM

The Underground Lviv Every ancient city keeps a lot of secrets. Sometimes they are hidden even from the eyes of those, whose families live in the city for centuries. Underground tunnels are among them. Researchers claim that Lviv underground tunnels stretch for more than 100 km. Of course, great part of them consists of the engineering tunnels connected with the underground.

Fortifications – great Lviv tour

Service number – 001-013
Event info:

The cost – from 110 UAH.
Duration – 6  hours.
Start – 10:00 AM

The tour will be interesting and informative for all who want to know more about the history of the country and to get acquainted with local peculiarities. You’ll have a possibility to find out more about fortifications and to hear interesting stories connected with these locations.

Tour to Coffee Houses of Lviv

Service number – 001-011
Event info:

The cost – from 65 UAH.
Duration – 2  hours.
Start – under the order

Lviv – “the coffee capital of Ukraine” – cannot be imagined without its numerous cafes, an integral part of its authentic atmosphere. But cafes are not just about coffee. For two centuries, it is here, in the coffee houses, that the city’s history is written...

Romantic Tour of Night Lviv

Service number – 001-010
Event info:

The cost – from 85 UAH.
Duration – 3  hours.
Start – 09:30 PM

Let’s leave talks of history and architecture for daytime. Evening inspires us for a more romantic and poetic mood. After a fragrant cup of Lviv coffee it’s so nice to walk among the colourful city lights and hear some stories of past romances… Lviv is a very romantic city. There was a time when it witnessed love that even death could not destroy – love...

Tour Following Traces of Jewish Lviv

Service number – 001-008
Event info:

The cost – from 55 UAH.
Duration – 2 - 3  hours.
Start – 11:00 AM & 03:00 PM

Jews are one of the oldest ethno-religious groups on Galician territory. They arrived here in the 10th century. And in Lviv the Jewish community appeared right after city’s foundation in the 13th century. Galician princes, like all the other rulers of Mediaeval Europe, invited to their new cities people from ethnic groups that could play a good part in development of crafts.

Fortifications of Lviv – short walking tour of the city centre

Service number – 001-012
Event info:

The cost – from 50 UAH.
Duration – 3  hours.
Start – 10:00 AM and 02:00 PM

Lviv arose as a citadel for protection of travellers on the crossroads of two great trade routes – from North to South and from East to West. And as in other mediaeval cities, fortifications played a major role in city’s life: they could hold defence against catapults, and later against firearms and the other military peril. Fortifications included the Low Castle,...

The Beer tour of Lviv

Service number – 001-009
Event info:

The cost – from 85 UAH.
Duration –   hours.
Start – individually

During the tour, you will find out more about the history and technology of beer brewing, listen to exciting stories and learn how to tell white beer from light beer or ale from stout.

Lviv Tours

The ancient city of Lviv invites you for a trip. The Lviv Tour is an exciting journey through the old streets, full of legends, where you may have a cup of fragrant coffee outside, look at the old houses and visit inner courtyards, where time seems to be frozen since the Middle Ages.

Lviv is the city with very rich and diverse history where numerous cultures of its former inhabitants are entangled. General tours of Lviv will help you to grasp its spirit, to understand its history and culture more deeply.  You may choose from different tours, either bus or walking tours. We also offer you a novelty – Lviv tours for gratuity, where you evaluate the tour yourself and pay as much as you think it should cost. Our guides will tell you stories about interesting historical facts, about famous Lviv citizens and guests.

Lviv is known under numerous names – “the Second Babylon”, “the Little Paris”, “kleine Wien”, “the capital of coffee and chocolate”, “the Little London”, etc. During the tour you will see with your own eyes the Coffee Mining Manufacture, and your children will be excited with a visit to the Chocolate Workshop and a ride on a small auto-train.

Lviv tours are held year-round, for even rain, which is one more visit-card of the city, won’t ruin the atmosphere and the impressions of the trip not only through the central part of the city, but through the other locations, like the Lychakiv Necropolis.

Lviv is the cultural capital of Western Ukraine with numerous architectural jewels and a fantastic amount of theatres, art galleries and museums. The Theatre of Opera and Ballet of S. Krushelnytska, the Theatre of M. Zankovetska, the “Voskresinnia” (“Ressurection”) Theatre, the Les Kurbas Theatre, “Dzyga” Art Association and many others. And more, our city is a place where different festivals, folk art exhibition and other interesting events are held.

Visit the City of Leo, which opens its arms for everyone, who wants to plunge into its history and enjoy its beauty. The value of the impressions will outweigh any inconveniences like rain and dull skies.

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