Event info:

The cost – from 55 UAH.
Duration – 2/3 hours.
Start – 11:00/15:00.

Upcoming dates:

Every day in a group or individually.

Information about the route:
1. Area market
2. Italian Courtyard
3. Armenian quarter
4. Pharmacy Museum
5. Armenian Church
6. Church of Assumption
7. Lviv Opera House
Please note!

Team group of 5 to 10 people - 80 grn / pers., More than 10 people - 45 hrn / person.

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Mediaeval Lviv – walking tour

Lviv is a mosaic of variety of architectural styles and traditions from different times that merge to form a unique ensemble.

There still are architectural monuments from the Middle Ages: the Armenian and the Roman-Catholic Cathedrals in the centre of the city, churches of St. John the Baptist (Stary Rynok sq.) and St. Mary of the Snows (Yaroslava Osmomysla sq.), St. Paraskevi and St. Nickolas (Khmelnytskoho st.).

There are much more monuments from Renaissance times; some became symbols of the city. Among them are buildings of the Ukrainian community: the ensemble of the Church of Assumption of Holy Virgin (the church itself, the Chapel of the Three Patriarchs and Korniakt’s Tower),  the Monastery of St. Onuphrius, etc.; of the Roman-Catholic community: Boim Chapel, the Black House; of the Jewish and Armenian communities: houses, remnants of synagogues, former Armenian Church of St. Cross…

Our walk will begin from Rynok sq. Its architectural image was formed in the Renaissance epoch. Best architects and sculptors of that time worked on it.

One of the most peculiar architectural monuments is the Gunpowder Tower. It was a very important point for protection of the city for a couple of centuries. Besieging enemies were shot from its narrow windows. The City Arsenal is another example of an important historical monument – it is the only building of such type from those times preserved in Ukraine.

These buildings are only a small part of preserved beauty of Mediaeval Lviv. It is not only beautiful, but very important historically. You will see it yourself if you go on our walking tour. It encompasses the centre of the city and its neighbourhood.

And to let everyone, who wants, take a look on these ancient monuments, we organize a free tour once in a month. We care for tourists and for Lviv citizens and want to make history closer and more reachable.

Individual price:
1 person
500 grn.
2 people
250 grn./person
3-4 persons
185 grn./person
5-6 people
120 grn./person
7-9 people
100 grn./person
10 persons
85 grn./person
15 persons
70 grn./person
16-20 persons
65 grn./person
21 and more
55 grn./person
Price includes:

Services guide

Additional charges:
Entrance fees to museums and churches
10 to 15 grn. per location