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Cheese and wine - tour Transcarpathia

Service number – 002-001
Event info:

The cost – from 795 UAH.
Duration – 2 days / 1 night.
Start – 08:00.


A weekend or a holiday is a nice time to go on an interesting and tasty journey. The Wine & Cheese Tour of Transcarpathia is a wonderful option. The tour is an opportunity to see historical places, enjoy panoramas of mountain landscapes, and try tasty Transcarpathian homemade cheeses, flavouring them with fragrant wines from sunny valleys.

The Kamianets-Podilskyi Tour and Dniester Cruise

Service number – 002-006
Event info:

The cost – from 845 UAH.
Duration – 2 days / 1 night.
Start – 08:00.


The Kamianets-Podilskyi Tour and Dniester Cruise – a bus tour from Lviv – is a two-day journey full of novel experiences and adventures! You will see and feel the beauty of Podillia: picturesque river canyons, mysterious caves, impenetrable fortresses… You will go on a cruise on the Dniester River.

10 Curiosities of Transcarpathia – a Weekend Tour

Service number – 002-004
Event info:

The cost – from 1145 UAH.
Duration – 3 days / 2 nightes.
Start – 08:00.


We invite you to the tour bus from Lviv weekend. 10 highlights of the three days of Transcarpathia - Mukachevo, Uzhhorod, Berehovo, Iza, Lumshory, Kelechyn, Pylypets - and this is not all the stops during our trip. Winter Transcarpathia as attractive to tourists as in summer. There is something to see and where to rest. Immerse yourself in a winter wonderland and spend 3 unforgettable days with Feel Ukraine!. 

Thermal Transcarpathia – a Weekend Tour

Service number – 002-003
Event info:

The cost – from 795 UAH.
Duration – 2 days / 1 night.
Start – 08:00.


After exhausting workdays, to go on a weekend or a holiday relax-tour to Transcarpathia, to thermal springs of Kosyno and Lumshory is a real joy for body and soul. Welcome to the two-day weekend stay "Thermal Transcarpathia". 

Weekend Tours – Adventures Are Near

A Weekend Tour is a great opportunity to exchange the noise of the city for breath-taking wilderness, at least for a short time, or go on a journey to different, unknown places with their own peculiar histories, architecture and secrets. The Feel Ukraine team prepared some interesting tours for you, ones that will be a great way to spend your time, get new impressions and find out more about Ukraine:
-    Tours of Podillia
-    Tours of Transcarpathia
-    Journeys to the Carpathians
-    Tours of Bukovyna
-    Journeys to Ivano-Frankivsk Region

A Weekend Bus Tour from Lviv gives you a possibility to get to the destination without bothering about transport. You can relax and enjoy your weekend looking at beautiful views and listening to new stories told by our guides.

Therefore, if you make plans for your spare time, Weekend Tours are a great opportunity to go on a journey with your family. Children will be especially excited. The road won’t be so long as to tire them, and new places and picturesque landscapes will make vivid impressions on them. Who doesn’t love to travel? It is especially true when you’re a child.

Tours available on our website offer a broad choice of possibilities to satisfy tastes of even the most demanding tourists. Ukraine has plenty to offer. Romantic, historical, adventurous journeys to various cities, tours to the mountains and to fortresses of the Western Ukraine, where there’s so much interesting and undiscovered.

A Weekend Tour from Lviv – these four words are a magic spell that will take you to the world of adventures and unforgettable experiences.
Don’t stick to your TV or computer screen, let’s go for real adventures with Feel Ukraine!

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